Bull Valley DUI Lawyer Goes Crazy.

Bull Valley DUI Lawyer Goes Crazy
Bull Valley DUI Lawyer Goes Crazy


Or at least I think I am going crazy……..

If you had a business that sold 160 units in 2013, after selling 86 in 2012, and 5 units in 2011 what would you think?  You might think that business was good.  However, if you are a Village and that is the number of DUI arrests that you have that might sound a little strange?
Why you ask?
The Village of Bull Valley has 6 police officers.  mmkay?
The McHenry County Sheriff’s Department has 106 officers.  mmkay?
Well, let’s take a look at the DUI numbers for McHenry County Sheriff’s office for 2013, 12 and 11:
2011      175 DUIs
2012      157 DUIs
2013      118 DUIs
To make sure you are paying attention.  The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office is writing FEWER DUIs every year for the last three years.
The Bull Valley Police Department is writing MORE DUIs every year for the last three years.
Oh, and Bull Valley has 100 fewer officers.
That’s why this Bull Valley DUI lawyer is going crazy, that makes no sense whatsoever.


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